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Taxi Safety for Minors: 3 Common Questions Answered
Grandmother with grandchildren traveling in taxi
May 18, 2019
If you have children and do any traveling you're bound to end up riding with your kids in a taxi at some point. Even within the confines of your own city limits, busy schedules for parents and children are leading many people to explore alternate transportation options to keep up with it all. The 3 questions we hear all the time in regards to children riding in taxis are: Does...
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The benefits of riding with a professional driver
December 20, 2018
The benefits of riding with a professional driver The recent increase in ride-sharing apps and services has made travel and transportation more convenient than ever. However, while consumers have a variety of options to choose from, this also carries a risk of reliability in different drivers and services. Riding with professional drivers from T-Plus will provide you with the same convenience as other services, without the headache or risk associated...
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Why your business needs a corporate car service
Businessman travelling by car using smart phone and checking time
August 17, 2018
Why your business needs a corporate car service Time is especially of the essence when traveling on business. Maintaining your appearance, communication, and deadlines while on the road can become a challenging balancing act for even the most seasoned executive. Enlisting the help of a professional corporate car service can take a lot of that frustration out of the equation and ensure you reach your next meeting the right way....
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