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Why Transportation Plus Is the #1 Choice for Accessible Transportation in the Twin Cities

October 21, 2019
Businesswoman in a wheelchair hailing a taxi

Transportation should be readily available to everyone, and T-Plus is committed to making sure it is. Our accessible ride services provide for the needs and comfort of disabled riders to make sure they can travel to their destination with the same ease as anyone else.

The City of Minneapolis initiated a service a few years ago to provide wheelchair accessible taxi service to the public. Transportation Plus immediately became involved, accounting for two of the five participating companies.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Transportation Plus has the largest fleet of taxis in the Twin Cities, including a large branch of wheelchair accessible taxis. Each of our wheelchair accessible vans can hold up to five passengers and is ADA compliant and STS (Special Transportation Services) certified. That means all of our accessible taxis

  • comply with the regulations for vehicle safety
  • contain any necessary specialized safety equipment
  • adhere to general vehicle maintenance and inspection standards, and
  • meet or exceed minimum insurance requirements.

The standards for the operation of vehicles used in STS service are enforced by MnDOT. This includes conducting annual and random vehicle inspections and conducting records audits. All of this ensures STS providers are delivering a safe transportation experience for users of the service.

Trained Staff

Safe and reliable transportation for people with disabilities is about more than access to ADA compliant taxis. The people operating those taxis must also be trained to operate any necessary equipment and to assist passengers.

T-Plus drivers are also STS certified in addition to receiving training in defensive driving, customer service, and GPS navigation. STS driver certification includes specialized driver training for passengers needing additional assistance. MnDOT also verifies qualifications of drivers and attendants (including training requirements).

Service You Can Rely On

Transportation Plus has served the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for over 40 years, and we know how to meet the needs of every rider.

We serve the entire Twin Cities metro area with affordable and convenient wheelchair van taxi services. You can count on receiving our normal taxi rates — no upcharges or price surging — the ability to book and pay how you want, and the freedom to go anywhere you need to go, whenever you need to go there.

Whether you need a ride immediately or want to schedule in advance, we make it easy to book your wheelchair accessible ride through our website, our ihail app, or via phone or text at 612-888-8888.