Book your way, ride your way, pay your way with T-Plus.

Make sure your delivery gets there on time

Sometimes a package can’t wait for the post office or another standard delivery service especially when you need it there now. That’s when T-Plus comes to the rescue . If you need to get a package to a destination in the Twin Cities metro area, we’ll make it happen 24/7/365. Our reliable delivery services ensure your package will be handled with care from the moment we pick it up until it’s left securely with your recipient.

Got something important that has to get to a Twin Cities destination today? Our drivers can pick up your package for immediate delivery, or you can schedule delivery ahead of time. Regular taxi rates apply for all delivery services plus a $15 pickup fee . For T-Plus package delivery services, call us today at 612-888-8888.


Your Yellow Cab driver yielded to an ambulance just as he should, while one of your competitor’s drivers drove by him and nearly caused a serious accident. You can obviously tell which taxi companies properly train their drivers and which ones do not!

Chris W.