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Taxi Safety for Minors: 3 Common Questions Answered

May 18, 2019
Grandmother with grandchildren traveling in taxi

If you have children and do any traveling you're bound to end up riding with your kids in a taxi at some point. Even within the confines of your own city limits, busy schedules for parents and children are leading many people to explore alternate transportation options to keep up with it all.

The 3 questions we hear all the time in regards to children riding in taxis are:

  1. Does my toddler or baby need to use a car seat?
  2. Are car seats provided, or do we need to bring one?
  3. Can my child ride alone?

Here are our answers to these 3 common questions about taxi safety for minors.

How to travel with a baby or toddler in a taxi

Question: Does my toddler or baby need to use a car seat?

Answer: You are not legally required to use a car seat or booster seat for toddlers and babies riding in taxi cabs in the state of Minnesota.

According to the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety, "Children riding in a motor vehicle for hire, including a taxi, airport limousine, or bus, but excluding a rented, leased, or borrowed motor vehicle" are exempt from Minnesota's child passenger restraint law.

However, we do recommend always using a properly secured car seat or booster seat for the protection of your child.

Question: Are car seats provided, or do we need to bring one?

Answer: This depends on the service you are using. Typically taxi companies and ride share services do not provide car seats for customers.

Transportation Plus strives to serve all riders and is the only fleet in the Twin Cities to have cars equipped with child seats.

Our child seats can face front or rear and hold children from 9-45 pounds. Simply request a vehicle with a car seat when you book your ride.

How to travel with older kids and teens in a taxi

Note: Older kids and teens that do not need car seats or booster seats are required to wear a seat belt according to Minnesota's seat belt law. 

Question: Can my child ride alone?

Answer: There are no laws prohibiting taxis, limo services, or ride share companies from picking up unaccompanied minors. Companies may adopt their own internal policies against it, but some drivers choose to ignore them. When in doubt, call the company to ask.

If you do send your child on an unaccompanied ride, make sure you are confident that the service you choose is safe.

Unlike ride share services, taxi companies are regulated, and all drivers must undergo a thorough screening including a criminal background check and fingerprinting. On top of that, at Transportation Plus we require our drivers to take defensive driving classes, customer service training, and more.

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