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Know Your Rights as a Taxi Passenger

July 31, 2019
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Taxi services are required to follow the Taxicab Ordinance which outlines all the regulations of the taxi industry. Before you take a taxi anywhere, it is important to know and understand your rights as a passenger. While regulations differ per city, here are some of the rights that are guaranteed in the Minneapolis Taxicab Ordinance. 

Licensed driver and safe vehicle

The most important right of a taxi passenger is a safe and legal ride. Taxi drivers have to operate the vehicle according to traffic laws. Drivers should have a valid Minnesota driver's license with a clean driving history. The vehicle you ride in should be safe, which is why taxi drivers are required to inspect the car at the beginning and end of each shift.

Multiple payment methods

You are allowed to pay with cash, credit, or debit no matter the fare. While you have the option to pay with cash, note that drivers can refuse to give more than $20 of change. Drivers are allowed to refuse personal checks, so don't rely on using them as a method of payment. 

(Transportation Plus gives every rider multiple options to pay how they want, including pre-paid and corporate account options.)

Meter access

The rate should be displayed clearly in a cab so that passengers can read it along with the name and number of the call center. Make sure when you get into the taxi that the meter is reset for the new ride. 

Route preference

Taxi drivers are expected to take the route that is shortest or most economical for the rider. If you want the driver to take a certain route, they are required to take the route that you ask for. 

Clean environment

As a passenger, you want the taxi ride to be pleasant and the car to be clean. Taxi drivers are required to clean the car of any debris on the inside and outside. Smoking is never allowed in a taxi by either party. 

Access to a receipt

If a rider requests a receipt, a driver must provide one. The receipt has to show the name of the service company, number of the meter, the taxi vehicle number, total payment, and time of payment. The inside of the cab should also have this right visible to passengers at all times. 

Lost items

Losing a phone or any personal item in a taxi can be a big concern and is a common occurrence. As a passenger, know that taxi drivers are required check for lost items after each ride. They are obligated to try and return the item, and if they are unable to, they must turn it into the company's office by the end of their shift. 

Duty to accept passengers

Taxi drivers are legally required to accept any person that requests a taxi. This includes passengers who use wheelchairs, need wheelchair accessible services, or are in a different part of the city. 

The Transportation Plus promise

At Transportation Plus, we ensure that our drivers abide by all laws and regulations so that you have an enjoyable ride. If there is anything we can improve, please let us know by calling 763-592-6482. Order your next ride today by ordering online, texting 612-888-8888, or through the iHail app.