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Why a Taxi Is Your Best Option for Minnesota Twins Games

June 26, 2019
Minneapolis skyline with Minnesota Twins Target Field baseball stadium

It's the start of baseball season, and fans of the Minnesota Twins are showing up to the stadium in large numbers. Whether you go to every game or one every now and then, no one likes the hassle of driving or parking at Target Field. 

If you want to enjoy your next baseball game without the stress of driving, consider booking a taxi! 

Avoid rideshare surge pricing

Rideshare apps can be affordable for short trips at non-peak hours, but surge pricing during big events is not uncommon.

Surge pricing means that companies like Uber and Lyft will double or even triple the price of the ride in order to combat high demand of riders and low supply of drivers. Since drivers work on their own time, there is no way to predict the price of your ride at the time you want it. This means you could have expected to pay $20 to get home from Target Field but are stuck with paying $40+ instead. 

With taxis there is full transparency on pricing. Even with heavy traffic, you'll never be paying double or triple the price.

No need to park

Parking at Target field can be disastrous. Forget about even trying to park on the street for the game.

With such high demand for parking, you have to book a parking spot with inflated rates. Once you're at the game, you'll have to wait in long lines of cars trying to get in and out of parking garages when you could already be in the stadium or heading home. 

While most parking garages are relatively close to the stadium, you still have a 10-15 minute walk to get to the game. Booking a taxi allows you to be dropped off and picked up right next to the stadium.

Booking made easy

Booking a taxi is easier than ever. With Transportation Plus, you can book online in advance. If you want more flexibility, use our mobile app to request a ride when you need it. Don't have the app downloaded? You can call or even text us to get a ride on the way.

Even if you don't book in advance, calling a taxi will still save you time. Unlike rideshare services, taxi drivers are required to work for the duration of their shift, so there are always drivers readily available. 

Customer service

It's no secret that rideshare apps have inconsistency with drivers. Rideshare companies aren't able to regulate their drivers like taxi services.

Taxi drivers are professionals and have undergone extensive driving and customer service training to ensure passengers have a safe and pleasant experience. Don't know the area well? Don't worry — your driver has been trained on area landmark and local business awareness. 

Unlike rideshare companies, taxi drivers are provided with cars rather than using their personal vehicles. Transportation Plus requires our cars to be serviced every 3,500 miles and pass inspections from certified mechanics. When you get into a taxi, you can expect that it will be clean and safe. 


Transportation Plus is the longest-running taxi company servicing the Minneapolis-St. Paul area with the largest fleet of drivers in the Twin Cities. We want you to enjoy your baseball game without a single worry. Learn more about us or book your ride today!