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Getting You There and Back

Airport Drop Offs

There’s two things you don’t want to mess with when you have a flight: being late and worrying about parking. No matter where you’re flying or what time you need to be at the airport, T-Plus makes sure you get to the gate with plenty of time to spare.

Our reliable MSP airport transportation picks you up at your location and drops you off conveniently at your terminal. No shuttles, no expensive parking fees, no running through the airport to make your flight. Best of all, you can book your ride in advance or call us right before you need to leave. Just use our ihail app, call us, text us, or book online to make sure your trip starts off on the right foot.

Our fleet of taxis includes sedans and minivans so you can have the right sized vehicle for your trip to the airport including room for the entire family with luggage. If you need additional space, book one of our SUVs that can hold up to 7 passengers plus room for skis, golf clubs, etc.

Prearrange Your Airport Pick Ups

You do have a choice when arranging your ride from MSP and T-Plus wants to make it easy for you.  Just use our ihail app, online booking form, or call or text us at 612.888.8888 and we’ll pick you up at the Prearranged Taxi Area. And we charge 20% less than the regular taxi line for choosing us.  

For fastest service, text your terminal code (MSP1 or MSP2) to 612.888.8888 and we’ll have your vehicle waiting. With the most reliable airport taxi service in Minneapolis-St. Paul, you’ll be glad to be back in town.

Terminal 1 Pickup Instructions
  • From the Baggage Claim level, follow the signs to Ground Transportation.
  • Go down the escalators or elevators one level and follow the Hotel/Regional Shuttle signs which will take you off to the right towards the Gold Parking Ramp.
  • Go up the escalators or elevators one level and your vehicle will meet you outside the Pre-Arranged Taxi/Accessible Transportation/Regional Shuttles door.
Terminal 2 Pickup Instructions
  • Follow the signs to Ground Transportation located on the ground level of the Purple Parking Ramp directly across from the terminal building.
  • To get to the Ground Transport Center, go up the escalators/elevators to the skyway to cross the street. Follow overhead signs to Ground Transportation.
  • Go down the escalators/elevators and follow overhead signs to Limos – Buses – Taxis – Shuttles. Your vehicle will meet you outside the Limousines/Buses/Pre-Arranged Taxi Service door.

Your Yellow Cab driver yielded to an ambulance just as he should, while one of your competitor’s drivers drove by him and nearly caused a serious accident. You can obviously tell which taxi companies properly train their drivers and which ones do not!

Chris W.