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What to Know About Corporate Event Transportation

November 12, 2019
Group of coworkers having champagne at a corporate event

The holiday season is here! Starting now and going through January, there will be events and parties galore for both residential and corporate groups.

Businesses that want to show their appreciation to their employees and clients will be hosting parties with live music, sprawling buffets, and open bars. One of the best ways for companies to show their party guests that they appreciate them is to ensure they get to and from the party safely.

Arranging transportation for corporate events should always be one of the tasks on your event planning list.

What to Know Before Booking Event Transportation Services

  • What type of trip are you planning (one-way, round-trip, airport transfer)?
  • How many passengers are you providing transportation for?
  • What are the pickup and drop-off locations for your passengers?
  • Are there multiple pickup and/or drop-off locations?
  • Will there be multiple pickup and/or drop-off times?

Benefits of Shuttle Transportation for Corporate Parties

Providing shuttle transportation for your corporate party or event is worth the effort for several reasons.

  • Free partygoers from the hassle or expense of arranging their own transportation
  • Allow everyone to have worry-free fun 
  • Show your invitees that you care about their safety
  • Provide an immersive luxury experience
  • Avoid potential liability issues

Providing transportation to and/or from your event just makes good sense no matter how you look at it. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Business Events Perfect for Group Shuttle Services

  • Holiday parties or galas
  • Recognition events or award ceremonies
  • Retirement parties
  • Charity events/fundraisers
  • Year-end functions
  • Corporate/business dinners
  • Product launch parties

Book Corporate Event Transportation

Transportation Plus offers shuttle services for small and large groups perfect for special events, holiday parties, and more. If you need transportation for your group in the Twin Cities, contact our sales department at 763-592-6410 to learn more about our shuttle service options and book your ride.