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Save Some Stress: Take a Taxi to the Vikings Game

September 24, 2019
Minneapolis skyline with Vikings stadium

It's the start of football season, and fans of the Minnesota Vikings are showing up to the stadium in droves. Whether you're a season ticket holder or treat yourself to one or two games a season, no one likes the hassle of driving or parking in the pre and post-game chaos downtown.

If you want to enjoy your next football game without the stress of driving, consider booking a taxi!

Why taxis are better than driving to the game

Anyone who has experienced driving in downtown Minneapolis on an average day, especially during rush hour, knows it can be crowded, frustrating, and even confusing as you navigate one way street after one way street. Finding parking is a nightmare all of its own, and paying for it can put a dent in your wallet. Add an event like a Vikings game to the mix, and all of that is compounded for a truly stressful experience.

Taking a taxi removes all the hassle of driving, finding parking, and making sure you have a designated driver for after the event.

Why taxis are better than public transit

Using Minneapolis Metro Transit to get to and from Vikings games eliminates the stress of driving, parking, and needing a designated driver, but it has its own stresses. Buses and trains can get so overloaded during events like games and concerts that you are crammed into standing room only rubbing elbows — and who knows what else — with strangers. You may also have to wait for several buses or trains to go by before you find one with room.

The threat of pickpocketing is also very real on crowded buses and trains because large crowds of excited fans create the perfect atmosphere for thieves to take advantage.

Why taxis are better than rideshare apps

Two words: surge pricing.

Rideshare apps can be affordable for short trips at non-peak hours, but surge pricing during big events is very common. Surge pricing means that companies like Uber and Lyft will double, triple, or even quadruple the price of the ride when there is high demand. That means your $20 ride could end up costing $50+ instead.

Another downfall of rideshare companies during these heavy traffic situations is that your nearest available driver may be up to 30 minutes away, and you may frustratingly see your driver switch several times while you wait. And forget about just flagging down a car — you have to book through the app and wait to see who you are assigned. 

Get a taxi to and from the Vikings game

Booking a taxi is easier than ever. With Transportation Plus, you can book online in advance so your ride is waiting when you leave the game! If you want more flexibility, use our mobile ihail app to request a ride when you need it, call us, or even text us to get a ride on the way.

Wondering where your driver is? Track the status of your ride online!

Transportation Plus is the longest-running Minneapolis-St. Paul taxi company with the largest fleet of drivers in the Twin Cities. We want you to enjoy your football game without a single worry. Book your ride today!