Book your way, ride your way, pay your way with T-Plus.

Premium transportation the way it was meant to be

Whether it’s a special night in the Twin Cities or you just prefer luxury transportation all the time, T-Plus has you covered with our premium car service. Our fleet of black cars and SUVs will make you feel like royalty wherever you’re going. And with no price surging, you won’t have to pay extra premium fares no matter what time you need us to pick you up.

From airport transportation to a night on the town with your best friends, you’ll show up looking like a VIP—and you’ll feel like one too. Book your premium ride now through our ihail app, our website, or by calling or texting us at 612-888-8888 and experience luxury transportation at its finest.


Your Yellow Cab driver yielded to an ambulance just as he should, while one of your competitor’s drivers drove by him and nearly caused a serious accident. You can obviously tell which taxi companies properly train their drivers and which ones do not!

Chris W.