Book your way, ride your way, pay your way with T-Plus.

My Ride Status

Transportation Plus makes it easy to get real-time status updates on your booking. Enter your 10-digit phone number below (digits only with area code) to see the status and track your booking. If you have multiple T-Plus bookings under the same phone number, then you will see a list of all your rides.

*Any status inquiries before an available vehicle has been located will show as “Searching”.

With our ihail app, you can track your vehicle all the way to your door. Not an app user? You can take advantage of our “Message-on-Create” service which will text you a confirmation number and link to track your ride with Google Maps. After your ride, you’ll also be given the opportunity to rate your driver.

Prefer just to be notified when the vehicle is getting close? Request our “Call-on-Approach” service which alerts you with an automated call when your vehicle is a few minutes away. Prefer to get a text message? We can do that too. Simply request our “Message-on-Approach” service which will also text you the vehicle number, color, make and model as it approaches your pickup location.