Guaranteed Pricing with T-Plus
April 19, 2018
Enjoy Guaranteed Pricing with T-Plus You should know how much something costs before you buy it, especially when it comes to a service like transportation. How often have you booked a ride only to watch the fare skyrocket once you get out of the car? If it’s happened once, that’s too often. We’re here to do something about that. An Accurate, Upfront Price – Every Time When you ride with...
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Breeze to and from Your Spring Break Flights with T-Plus
airplane over taxis
March 15, 2018
It’s that time of year again in Minnesota. We’re approaching the ever-exciting transition from melting snow to blooming backyards, and with that comes the added celebration of spring break. As folks from all over the state make their way to the airport, it’s crucial that your ride to and from comes from the best possible outfit. Whether you’re headed for warmer climates or venturing even further north, T-Plus is here...
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Announcing the Next Generation of Transportation
ordering a taxi with ihail
November 30, 2017
Today, Taxi Services Inc., one of the largest and longest-operating transportation service providers in the Twin Cities Metro Area, announced a corporate name change as part of a complete rebranding effort.  The new name, Transportation Plus Inc., better identifies the wide range of services the company provides its significant number of customers, both consumers and businesses, in the Twin Cities Market. All 500+ vehicles in the company’s fleet will now...
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