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Transportation Plus: The ultimate combination of technology and human interaction

October 16, 2018
Smiling man with mobile phone sitting in backseat of car

One of the greatest benefits of modern technology has been its impact on transportation. It’s now possible to dial up a ride from almost anywhere in the world and be picked up and dropped off in minutes – all from your mobile phone. The whole process can be completed without ever having to speak to another person. But what if you want or need to talk to someone to provide pickup details, ask questions about your destination, or retrieve a left-behind item? Then you should ride with T-Plus – the perfect balance of technology and human interaction.


T-Plus’s technology is designed to streamline the pickup and dropoff process from start to finish. Whether you’re booking through the ihail app, through our website, or by text message, you’re sure to experience a convenient, easy-to-use interface. You can choose everything about your ride during the booking process, ranging from type of vehicle and pickup location to pickup time and final destination. T-Plus strives to provide a user-friendly experience through our leading technology, so you never have to interact with another person if you don’t want to. But we also know there are occasions where you might want to – or even need to. That’s where our people come in.

Our people

The way our people complement our technology is truly what makes T-Plus the leading rideshare service in the Twin Cities metro. If you prefer to call rather than book through one of our online options, that method is just as simplified. Everyone on our team is also here to answer questions, return left-behind items, provide travel advice, and generally help take care of anything our technology can’t. Our team members are trained in customer service and support and are experienced in providing expert-level guidance when your riders need it. Some rideshare services are heavy on innovative technology but lack competent or friendly support staff to round out the offering when something extra is needed. Not T-Plus. We deliver an ideal balance of both to ensure the experience you want and added assistance when you need it.

The perfect combo

Our technology and people allow you to choose everything about your ride, including the way you book, travel, and pay. We feature the largest fleet and widest variety of vehicles in the metro, and our staff is only consistent of professional drivers. We don’t employ part-timers who drive as a side gig. This results in a more experienced, knowledgeable, and enjoyable ride every time we pick you up. Save common trips for easy future booking, place customer service requests online or via phone, and more to tailor your experience to the way you like to travel.

Ride with T-Plus

T-Plus is the longest-running and most trusted ride partner in Minnesota, carrying on our extensive history of delivering great customer service and easy-to-use technology to get people where they need to go. As the only company that gives you total control over your entire experience, we are committed to delivering fair and outstanding service to every passenger. Ride with T-Plus to start reaching your destination on your own terms.