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Why you should only ride with a local rideshare company

November 17, 2018
Car driving on snowy urban street at night

Driving in Minnesota isn’t always easy – especially in the harsh conditions of our northern winters. Roads become icy, traffic slows, and getting from A to B can often become much more adventurous than we’d like. When utilizing a rideshare service, the decision of whether or not to go local can have a big impact on your trip. Here are some of the main reasons you should only trust locally trained drivers to safely and efficiently get you to your destination.

Local drivers know the roads

Drivers trained right here in Minnesota have a great understanding of the roads and how to improvise when needed. The route suggested by GPS might not always be the best route. Local drivers are able to utilize alternate routes in the event of closures, accidents, and other slowdowns. They are also familiar with typical traffic patterns and what stretches of road to avoid given the day or time. Drivers not trained here are less familiar with the roads and have a hard time going off the preset path to avoid unforeseen circumstances. For the safest and most direct route on any occasion, you need to ride with a local name.

Local drivers are used to Minnesota weather

It’s no secret that the weather here is unpredictable. It can be 60 degrees and sunny one day before a snowstorm moves in the next day and causes catastrophic traffic conditions. Locally trained drivers are familiar with driving in Minnesota winters and know how to safely and efficiently operate their vehicle in even the harshest environments. They’re also prepared to swiftly handle breakdowns, flat tires, or any other unforeseen circumstances without leaving you out in the cold. Don’t trust just any driver to handle icy roads. You need a local driver experienced in the toughest conditions and defensive driving techniques.

The convenience of local headquarters

The benefit of a local rideshare company’s nearby headquarters is one that’s often forgotten – until it’s needed. If you leave your phone or wallet in a car from a local company, you can retrieve it from the headquarters without having to jump through the customer service hoops of a national brand. A local company’s customer service center is right in town, providing you with a number to call or a location to visit to get in touch with a real person. You don’t have to call a national hotline and wait on hold to see where your ride is or ask for a reimbursement. The attention and personalized care of a local company simply stands apart from the national names.

The local advantage of T-Plus

All of our drivers are trained right here in the Twin Cities to know the roads and how to drive in Minnesota winters. Our customer service center and headquarters are also local and equipped to provide you with personalized assistance in any event. We have the largest fleet of vehicles in town and our drivers are trained professionals – not part-timers. We also never surge pricing. Ever. Our vehicles are serviced every 3,500 miles to ensure they’re always in prime operating shape and prepared to withstand any conditions. Ride with T-Plus this winter to reach your destination safely and on-time.