Book your way, ride your way, pay your way with T-Plus.

Get where you’re going on your terms

It’s simple. You need to get from one location to another with as little hassle as possible. Transportation Plus is here to make sure that happens. With our large network of taxis, there is always a T-Plus vehicle close to you.

Order ahead and we’ll be waiting for you at the time you request. Or order right now and we’ll arrive within 15 minutes most anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro area. Whether you book through our ihail app or call/text us at 612-888-8888, we’ll get you where you need to go (and back, if you need us), and charge you a fair and consistent rate with no surprises.

Below are the brands that comprise the Transportation Plus network.

Airport Taxi
airport taxi van
  • The original Airport Taxi, established in 1977
  • The largest fleet in the Transportation Plus network – look for the maroon minivan
  • Airport Taxi’s niche is servicing trips to and from MSP airport, but we also provide service to non-airport trips throughout the Metro area
  • Look around. There are many taxi companies that mimic Airport Taxi’s name and identity, but no other taxi company in this market has our reputation or provides the quality of our Airport Taxi Fleet. We set the bar for taxi service in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market.
Yellow Cab
yellow cab
  • The most popular and trusted color in the taxi business
  • Established in 1915, Yellow Cab has the largest fleet of taxis in the city of Minneapolis
  • Yellow Cab’s niche is servicing trips that originate in Minneapolis, but we service orders from all parts of the 7-county Metro area
  • There are many impostors sporting Yellow Cab’s color, but there is only one Yellow Cab
ihail van
  • Our ihail app and brand became so popular with the younger crowd that we added a fleet of ihail vehicles to showcase our commitment to the next generation of transportation
  • ihail vehicles can be any color, but all have ihail’s distinctive lettering on the vehicle’s side panel
  • ihail vehicles are upscale and trendier models
  • ihail vehicles do not have taxi top lights
Luxury Car & SUV
luxury sedan
  • When you order a taxi from Transportation Plus, we make an initial effort to fill the order with an Airport Taxi, Yellow Cab or ihail vehicle, but after one minute we open the vehicle search up to our vast network of luxury cars and SUVs
  • There is never an extra charge to the passenger when a taxi order is filled with a luxury car or SUV
  • All of the luxury cars & SUVs in the Transportation Plus network have the T-Plus window sticker and Transportation Plus sticker subtlety placed on the side of the vehicle
  • If you prefer a Luxury Car or SUV, request that vehicle type when ordering (additional charges will apply)

I wanted to compliment your driver. He was a very nice guy and his taxi was the cleanest one I have ever seen. Thank you very much.

Rosemary G.