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ihail Is The New Standard In Ridesharing Excellence

June 13, 2018
Woman using smartphone while waiting for a taxi ride on city street

Convenience, reliability, and efficiency are all key pillars to effective and successful transportation. ihail combines all three into one easy-to-use tool and allows you to effortlessly schedule and complete rides to any destination in just the way you want. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what ihail is and how it can revolutionize the way you get from A to B.

What is ihail?

ihail is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to quickly and easily schedule and receive rides at the touch of a button. The app uses GPS to track your pickup location and then dispatches the nearest T-Plus vehicle to scoop you up in a matter of minutes. Once your pickup is scheduled, ihail tracks your cab in real time and sends notifications to your phone as your ride approaches, keeping you constantly in the loop throughout the entire trip.

Book your way

ihail is more than just a last minute option if you need a quick ride somewhere. Unlike many other rideshare apps, ihail also lets you schedule your pickup as far in advance as you’d like, booking out hours, days, or even weeks ahead of time so you can breathe easy knowing your ride will be ready to go on departure day. You can also save locations within the app such as your home, work, or gym to make booking even easier and more streamlined.

Pay your way

ihail offers multiple ways to pay for your ride for maximum flexibility and convenience. Whether you prefer to pay prior to your ride with a credit card or prepaid method or after your ride with cash, ihail adapts to your preferences to let you pay your way. Corporate account invoicing also offers an alternative option for businesses to take reimbursement out of the equation and simplify the travel process. ihail’s fare estimator provides a clear view of the cost of your ride before you book, removing any mystery or concern of what you’ll be paying leading up to or during the ride.

Avoid the surge

Unlike many of its competitors, the ihail app never surges its prices, keeping rates consistent and transparent for every passenger transaction. Rates are discounted from the standard rate established by the City of Minneapolis, delivering an outstanding value during even the most hectic travel scenarios. You shouldn’t have to pay more just because others are.

The best rideshare service in the industry

ihail is a streamlined app from Transportation Plus, meaning it’s backed by 40-plus years of experience and the longest-running rideshare service in Minnesota. T-Plus boasts the largest fleet of drivers in the Twin Cities and only contracts with full-time drivers who are serious about their profession. Our drivers know the roads of Minneapolis and St. Paul better than any would-be competitor, and are here to effortlessly navigate construction, accidents, and any other obstacle keeping you from your destination.

Download ihail today

It’s time to start traveling smarter. Download the ihail app today and book your next ride to experience the real T-Plus difference.