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Driving With T-Plus: Your Road To A Better Career

July 18, 2018
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T-Plus would be nothing without our outstanding fleet of drivers. As the largest and most experienced fleet of drivers in the Twin Cities, they are undoubtedly one of the aspects that truly sets us apart and allows us to provide the best service possible to every passenger. Driving for T-Plus offers a promising and rewarding career path within a talented community of people who really enjoy what they do. Here are some of the ways becoming a T-Plus driver can get you started on a brighter career path and improve your life both on and off the road.

Our company culture

Every T-Plus driver is treated with the same fairness, transparency, and respect as our passengers. Our employees are proud of where they work and enjoy unlimited growth potential and profitable rates right from day one. We hire only the best and are proud to employ an entire organization that takes their work seriously and looks at this as more than a job, but as a passion and career. If you’re looking to do something other than drive, our team is made up of a wide range of roles and disciplines ranging from customer service to repair and many areas in between. T-Plus is a great place to work no matter your goals or skill set, and we’re happily ready to find a role where you can excel and grow right from the get-go.

A legacy of excellence

For more than 40 years, T-Plus has operated as the premier taxi service in the Twin Cities – and that was no accident. We combine an experienced fleet with advanced technology and a modern culture to meet the needs of our professional drivers who look at their work not as a moonlight gig, but as a career – unlike Uber and Lyft, whose drivers are only on the roads part-time. Our driver requirements are the most stringent in the Twin Cities, as all drivers must attend a 16-hour training class before hitting the roads for us. Curriculum including defensive driving certification, customer service techniques, and more prepares them for excellence in all aspects of the job. Drivers are then required to attend additional in-house training classes to enhance their skills as warranted. T-Plus is also proud to be the only taxi service in the Twin Cities to employ a full-time National Safety Council Certified Safety Manager, whose sole responsibility is driver training and accident prevention.

Perks of the job

All of T-Plus’s vehicles are covered by a fleet-wide insurance policy with limits well above the state standard to ensure protection in any event that may occur on the roads. Most other taxi companies have drivers secure their own insurance, which leaves both the driver and the passenger at risk if an accident were to happen. We prefer to give our drivers peace of mind and let them focus on the roads without fear of incident. We also service all of our vehicles every 3,500 miles and perform thorough inspections through our in-house ASE-certified mechanics.

T-Plus is more than a taxi service. It is a rewarding career for anyone looking for a positive company culture, room for unlimited growth, professional development, and support from a modern organization with a legacy of success. Visit our careers page today to take a look at our current openings to transition your career onto a brighter path.