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Why your business needs a corporate car service

August 17, 2018
Businessman travelling by car using smart phone and checking time

Time is especially of the essence when traveling on business. Maintaining your appearance, communication, and deadlines while on the road can become a challenging balancing act for even the most seasoned executive. Enlisting the help of a professional corporate car service can take a lot of that frustration out of the equation and ensure you reach your next meeting the right way. Here are some of the main reasons your business needs to start utilizing a corporate car service to boost its performance on the road.

Payment made easy

Business schedules can be hectic, especially on the road. When you’re late for a meeting, the last thing you want to do is fiddle with payment methods when exiting your cab – whether it’s cash, card, or otherwise. When you travel with a corporate car service, the fare is simply charged to your account upon the end of the ride, sending you on your way without delay. Detailed invoices from a car service also make for easy expense tracking without needing to ask for or tally receipts. Flexible billing cycles that allow you to pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly can also help make the payment process much less daunting.

Convey your executive status

Nothing conveys status like arriving to a meeting via a high-class corporate car service. This is still an important aspect of business travel – it helps to look successful, and using a car service looks much more prestigious than rolling up to a meeting in a yellow cab or a rented Toyota Corolla. This is especially important when sending a car to chauffer an important client or colleague from the airport to their destination. A car service will impress them while also providing convenience and comfort.

Reduce traveling headaches

With so much to keep track of during business travel, it’s smart to leave the transportation headaches at home. A professional corporate car service that’s reliable, high-quality, and comfortable will ensure you easily arrive to your destination stress-free and in the right mindset. Let the driver hassle with traffic and directions while you get some work done, prepare for your upcoming meeting, or just relax and catch up on some sleep en route to your destination.

Improved customer service relationships

Contracting with a car service makes the customer service process much more personal and reliable. You’re able to form relationships with the drivers and the company which will allow them to know you better and more effectively meet any needs you have. Any items left behind in the car will be much easier to retrieve than had you left them in a random taxi cab, due to your contract with the company and its increased focus on service and relationships.

Successful businesses ride with T-Plus

There’s a reason T-Plus is the longest-running taxi company in Minnesota. We feature the largest fleet of professional drivers in the state who drive for a living as opposed to it being a part-time venture. Our vehicles are serviced regularly to ensure reliability and comfort. While other services are surging prices and providing shoddy estimates, we never surge and deliver only transparent, straightforward pricing. Contact us today to start using our corporate transportation service and turn your business travel into a well-oiled machine.